The mother dog ran after the truck with her saved babies

It’s not a secret that mothers do everything to protect their babies. And this refers not only to people but also to animals.
And this story is an example of the motherhood of the dog.

A volunteer called Karlee found puppies she was supposed to save. The puppies were under the woodpile.
The help should arrive to help the babies.

They place food and water there so the babies go out. So, they were afraid but the volunteers carried them to a better place. But despite all of this, the team managed to do so.

Puppies could not survive if they did not get help. Most probably, the mom was somewhere nearby.
Finally, the mother was also found.

So, the help team put the babies in the truck and drove to Carly’s house. The mother dog followed the truck.
She came to her house but was scared to go into it. But when she entered the house everything was good.

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