The mother deer was worried and came back to care for her baby but then heard a baby’s crying

The woman shot a video where she was comforting her baby.
And at that moment she noticed a deer who also came to care for her baby.

The animal thought that it was her baby who was crying and came to comfort her.
And the video gained about 27 million views.

Babies could cry without any reason.
Sometimes even mothers could not understand why they are crying and do not know how to calm them down.

Recently, a woman experienced the same. She was calming her infant when something happened.
Suddenly the deer came closer to the.

The woman understood why she came and told that it was her baby.
Then she uploaded the video on social media and commented that it was not an easy thing to meet an animal who thinks that the crying baby was her.

People who watched the video could not hide their tears.
Then she also captured the moment when the baby was already asleep.

Some people wrote that deers are protective and it was hard for them to see the scene.

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