The most lonely and unwanted cat in the shelter gets adopted by the kind girl

After graduation, a young girl whose name is Molly makes a crucial decision. Throughout her studies, she was always stressed. Due to that even after graduating she kept having some panic attacks and couldn’t make herself feel better.

That’s when she makes a decision to get a cat for herself. This particular cat was crowned to be the most unwanted one in the shelter. Molly found the cat’s situation similar to hers. Oti, the cat that Molly adopted, was a cute one yet its expression reminded her of a sad seal.

According to the shelter staff, the cat’s former owner gave him to the shelter once he got health issues. The owner wasn’t able to pay for proper treatment. That’s why he decided to trust him to the rescue center.

Oti had huge cysts in both ears. In order to save him, the doctors had to cut his ears. After the surgery, Oti got entirely deaf.

In the shelter, no one had previously looked in the cutie’s direction. However, in Molly’s hugs, he found love and peace.

The girl was the first one in a long period who noticed him and decided to adopt. According to Molly, Oti is a caring cat. He is always there for Molly, guarding her.

Moreover, during the girl’s panic attacks, Oti is the one who calms her down and helps her go through those easier. Adopting Oti truly was the greatest decision ever!

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