The moment was very exciting when the bull was finally set free

The poor creature was chained his whole life and then was finally set free.
Words cannot express whole emotions.

Farm animals should be saved from such conditions. They are abused and treated poorly by cruel people.

This poor creature was finally free. It’s nice to have such kind people among us.
This group of kind people released a bull to the wild.

The animal called Bandit was happy as he felt that these people did not want to harm him. And he was the happiest moment.

The video was filmed at the moment and it gained thousands of views. Here, the volunteer came closer to the animal and the bull was very emotional.

They looked at each other and the animal started to lick the hand of the volunteer. He wanted to show his gratitude for his freedom.

Words cannot describe how he reacted to his new life. Now he is living in his new home that he deserved.

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