The missing dog chased every woman he met for about 4 months and thought it was his owner

The dog was lost and wandered along the streets. The neighbors sometimes feed him. Then, they warned the rescuers about the dog. But when they wanted to catch him he took off running.

After some time, the volunteers caught the dog and wanted to find his owners.
They could find the identification number and found the owners.

The owner was surprised that the animal was found. As she was looking for her lovely pet for a long time.
When the owners saw the video of their pet they started to cry as it was their dog named Chunjang.

And when they were reunited, the dog hesitated at first. But then he recognized the woman and started to jump in happiness.
So, finally, they found each other.

Luckily this story had a happy ending and the family was reunited.
Sometimes animals are abandoned unintentionally but this family was very happy to find their lovely pet.

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