The missed dog was finally back with a touching note

The dog was missing for several hours. The owners worried about that as they could not find it.
But the family was touched when the pet returned with a note on his neck.

When the dog was a puppy he was full of energy and enjoyed wandering the streets.
But then his daily routine changed. And when he did not return for several hours the family was worried.

It was the day when he visited her parents.
And return with a note.

Louie was so tired and dirty.
The family thought that someone harmed him but their worries were in vain.

The note was written by Rob who found Louis to be his hero.
Rob lost his dog. His pet named Maddy was missing and Rob went out to look for her and found her stuck in bushes.

When Louie saw Maggy she hurried to help it
So, due to this kind dog, Maddy survived. The tired pets came back to their homes.

Louis did not want to eat anything.
The other day the dogs met and played again.

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