The millionaire lives a happy life for many years and then found out that the kids are not his

The millionaire lived a happy 20 years and did not know about the secret.
Richard thought that he had a good family. But this turned out to be a detective story.

The man once found out that his children are not his.
The man managed to reach 10 million pounds by the age of 55.

His wife was satisfied by being a housewife.
Once the man went for a medical examination which changed his whole life.

The specialist told him that he could not have even one child. The man was shocked and did not want to return home.

It was like a bad movie. So, I raised other people’s children for 20 years.
His wife admitted that the kids belong to another man.

The man divorced his wife.
Kate met another man for 20 years but did not give his name.

The man was depressed.
Children stopped communicating with him but one of them considered Richard as a real dad.
Fortunately, Richard married again and the new wife is honest and loved him so much.

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