The man who is living his last days helps disabled children

The man looked after disabled children and spent the last day of his life with them.
He was diagnosed with cancer and was struggling because of it.

He lost his wife and he knows very well how difficult it is to live without your loved one. So, he decided to give his love to the abandoned children.

There was a child who was living his last days but due to Mohamed, the kid felt happy at the end of his life. The man was taking care of 80 children at that time.

He often hugs and plays with them. Many of them are motionless but feel the love of the man.
‘We all are people and we should help each other. And it does not matter whether it’s material or spiritual help.

It’s not important what kind of skin color you have. We all should unite and help those who need it. And he will do it as long as he can. He does everything for them and their happiness makes him happy too.

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