The man while working at home heard a noise and found a little animal

When the man named Rian Nissens moved to his new home he found out that the place was already taken. Under the house, a group of primates was living.

So, they chose this place and made the nest. So, as they did not cause the man any inconvenience and he decided not to disturb the family.

But then he had to know them better. And while he was working at home he heard strange noises coming from the outside.
So, a small animal fell out and appeared on the sofa. Luckily, it was not injured and could move.

But the mother was so restless and carefully looked at Ryan. She thought that Ryan could harm her baby.
But the man was happy to see them and was carefully looking at the animal.

He also noticed how restless the mother was. So, he put the animal on the table so that the mom could come closer to it. The mother came and took the baby and returned to its nest.

So, thanks to the kind man the family was reunited in peace.

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