The man went to the forest and lives there a private life for four years

The man named Chad Zuber went to the forest and lives there in private life. He lived without any tools or medicine.

But he built a house during these years.
The man is a travel blogger who has a large audience about his lifestyle.

He traveled to many continents and then came to the island.
He chose Puerto Rico for his life.

He had an online diary and told everyone about his existence each day.
It was so hard for the first months as he was living in an awning stretched over stakes.

But soon the rainy season would start and he could not live in this anymore. So, he started building a house.

Luckily he had the necessary raw materials for building the house.
So, he chose the best area and started to work.

The man eats vegetables and eggs. After some time he already told his audience about the end of the project.
Now his life will be even more adventurous on the island.

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