The man visited the dog with whom he served many years and this meeting will make you cry

It’s always hard to say goodbye.
And such stories about docs who served with people and should part with them are always sad.

A German shepherd called Wangwang was served for about 8 hours in China.
Now, the animal is old and should be retired.

The police found her a new family who would look after her properly. But now she had to part away with her mentor.

The touching moment was shooted and posted on social media.
The mentor visited his dog to say goodbye.

The animal was so happy and wagged his tail in happiness. But when he had to leave the dog became sad.


He could not stay there for a very long time. When he approached his car to leave the dog started to lick his hands. It seems that she wanted him to stay.

It’s not easy to part away when the mentors comment on his video and share it on the internet.
The man hoped that he could often visit his dog and they would spend time together.

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