The man took his sick dog to the lake every day to make his pain subside

The dog called Schoep and his owner became popular on social media. The dog was sleeping peacefully on the man’s chest when they were sleeping in the lake.

And this story got everyone’s attention.
The poor animal had arthritis. So, to relieve his pain John took him to the lake every day.

So, he hugged the dog and went deep into the water.
So, the dog slept on the chest of the man.

The man took the animal from the shelter. When breaking up with his girlfriend, the man fell into depression.

‘I would not overcome the difficulties without my pet’ he said. So, Schoep was always with me and never left me alone in my difficult periods.

So, now I help him to overcome difficulties and this is only the little part that I can do for him.
The doctors even suggested that he put the animal down.

The man asked to take a picture of them together as it could be the last one.
And the shoot will always stay in his memory.

The pictures appeared on social media and were widely spread.
After this, John started to receive many gifts and money for the dog’s treatment.

Everyone was amazed at how kind people could be.
John was a good person but not so rich to fulfill all the expenses alone. But he does everything to make him happy.

All this extended the dog’s life and allowed him to celebrate one more birthday.
But after a year, the man got a tragic massage and learned about his pet’s death.

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