The man spent thousands of euros on the model whom he did not even know

This man dated the models for over the years. And he spent over 700 thousand euros on the model whom he never saw.

It was a virtual romance with a model named Maya.
He was amazed by her beauty and they started a relationship.

He even bought her an expensive car for her birthday.
But they could not meet as the model said that she had a heart defect.

So, the man gave him lots of money for expensive surgeries and hoped that everything would be good.

But it turned out that the model did not exist at all.
Over the years Valeria copied the photos from Alessandra Ambrosio’s Instagram.

Roberto was ruined and upset. So, he turned to the police for this case. But there is almost no chance to find out the scammer. Let’s hope that soon the scammer will be found and punished.

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