The man spent his last money on a woman who did not have gas

Kate was visiting her friend when her gas was finished.
So, she had to leave the cat in an unknown area.

And then suddenly a homeless man walked toward Kate and told her to close the doors of the car.
And then he left but came back later. He brought gasoline with him.

So, he spent his last money on buying gas. At that time the man did not know that his act would help him to become a millionaire. So, now the woman could go to her friend.

But now she thinks about how she could thank the homeless man.
He needed money so the woman started a Fund campaign in his name.

The woman also told what happened to her. She also told about the man who was a war veteran and needs money but is forced to live on the street.

And then magic happened. Over the months, many people transferred 400000 dollars to the man.
Now the man is a real celebrity.

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