The man saved the drying kitten who was near the pet shop, and not the animal enjoyed his life with his owner

The man came to the store to buy food for his pet and then he suddenly noticed the cat who was near the window. The small kitten was living there and was in awful condition.

The store workers did not even notice him. The poor cat was barely breathing and moving but no one paid attention to him.
The poor animal had dry food but there was no water.

The cat also had an eye infection and was in terrible condition. The man was surprised how the workers did not help the kitten, as it was almost dead.

So, he decided to take the animal from there and help him.
The man after purchasing the cat went to the hospital where he would stay a night for some vital examinations.

The doctors assigned treatment and he started to recover.
Now, the lucky cat lives with his owner in their house. They both are happy. But unfortunately, he could not befriend the owners’ old cat.

But let’s hope that soon everything will be great and they will make friends.

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