The man saved a little kitten and that meeting changed their lives

One day, Mark Nelson went to the Philippines and visited his friend.
At that time he heard a story that his daughter told.

The girl said that while she was on the beach she saw dogs attacking poor kittens.
The girl was not scared of dogs and tried to drive them away.

But one baby was bitten and the second one managed to escape.
Mark felt sorry for this baby and decided to take care of the baby.

He went there and saw that poor creature. He hugged the baby and waited for the mother to come and take him.

But unfortunately, no one came. So, he took the baby and called him Nala.
Mark did not know how to look after the animals as he did not do so before.

So, he first took him to the hospital. The doctor assigned vitamins and special treatment for the baby.

Two months later, the baby was completely changed. Now she plays and sleeps with his owner.
Mark cannot live without the baby anymore.

So, the meeting was fatal and changed both of their lives.

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