The man sat next to a dying fox and petted her head. The animal was fighting for her life

The man was riding to her work enjoying what surrounded him. Everything was fine till he saw something on the road.

The man was an animal lover. And that’s why the picture that he saw made him feel sorry. The little fox was almost dead lying on the road. Most probably the animal was hit by a car.

So, he approached the fox.
The poor animal was in pain.

The man wanted to somehow help it. But he knew that he cannot do anything. So, he sat down near the fox.
He decided to stay with him in the last minutes of her life. He did not want the animal to feel alone.

But also was not sure if he needed it. He just thought that he would not be alone in such a difficult situation.
After some time the fox closed her eyes forever.

The man was so sad about this.
But when he returned home from work he noticed the fox who was still alive.

And that was real magic.
He could not believe his eyes. So, he took the animal to the hospital. And the animal survived.
And that was thanks to this kind man.

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