The man raised a bear cub like his own son and see what happened

The man named Casey Anderson raised a bear cub like his own child. The man was so passionate about the animal so he did not even notice how the years passed.

Now the bear is already weighing 300 kilos but is still a family member.
When he was small he lived in the house with the family but when he grew up the man built a special shelter for him.

The man is an animal lover.
He thought that he could help other cubs in need.

So he built a reserve for the animal.
Brutus turned out to be a huge animal but still plays with casey.

The man was not afraid of him. On the other hand, they were both used to each other.
He still lives in the far, and now it’s impossible to release him into the wild.

The owner often shared videos with the bear.
Casey expects that their friendship would last even longer.

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