The man noticed abandoned puppies and hurried to help them

Jordan Kahana decided to have a trip during the holidays. He aimed to visit 3 states before coming back to California.
On the second day of his trip, he saw 2 abandoned puppies who needed help.

He could not stay indifferent and decided to take them to the hospital.
The puppies turned out to be dehydrated.

The man could not leave them so he decided to take them on his trip.
The babies traveled to three states with him.

Jordan also called them Zeus and Sedona.
The puppies are strongly connected but they are opposite to each other.

The man was happy to have been accompanied like the puppies. He also named his team the Adventure Squad.
They become attached and now Jordan does not imagine his life without them.

He confessed that they changed his life for the better. And his solo trip turned out to be an unforgettable adventure that he will always remember.

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