The man lost a ring that he got from his mother but 54 years later a magic has happened

On his 21st birthday the man named Dave Radley got a golden rig from his mother as a gift.
But soon he lost the ring while picking strawberries.

He spent hours searching for the ring but his efforts were in vain. He could not find it.
But years later a magic happened. He received a call from his friend who found the ring with the help of a metal detector.

Surprisingly, the ring was well-preserved.
But it was no longer the size of the man’s finger. But he was the happiest as it was a precious gift from his mother on his birthday.

His family was not very wealthy but his mother was mostly upset by his reaction.
‘When I got the call from Peter and heard about what he said I could not believe my ears.

It was so important for me and I could never imagine that I would find it after 54 years’ he said.
It was real magic.

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