The man lives in a jungle and only then found out the women living there

The man lives 41 years in the jungle. He hid from everyone and he was engaged in hunting and gathering. So, at that time he did not even know that women were living on the planet.

He is already 49 years old. And he moved from a forest to a village. But he was avoiding humans and led a private life.

He came to the jungle when he was 8 years old. So, over the years he forgot about civilization.
His dad raised him as a Tarzan. He understood the jungle and didn’t know about civilization.

He lived there for many years until he was found by a search party.
His dad never told her about women. And when he first saw a woman he was shocked.

Now he lives an active life and also thinks about weddings. It’s a real advance for a man who recently revealed the world.

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