The man helped the lonely cat without even knowing about her pregnancy

The man once noticed a cat who was wandering in the parking lot. He wanted to approach the cat but the poor animal ran away as she was afraid of everyone.

A month passed but the cat was there again. The winter was approaching and the man could not leave the cat alone there.

Indeed, the animal needed help. So, he took some photos and shared them on social media. He wanted to find the owners of the cat.

But no one appeared to be the owner. So, the man asked the animal rescue center to help the cat. The activists were busy and he decided to help the cat himself.

So, he came there every day and fed the cat. He wanted to gain her trust. After some time he managed to do so.
So, the man caught the cat and took it to his home. The cat felt safe there.

After some time it turned out that the cat was pregnant.
Now, the cat had a comfy place where she could give birth.

The man named her Tisha and looked after her.
She got used to the new environment very quickly. Then she gave birth to 4 babies. The man helped her also during this process.

Tisha was a great mom and spent her whole time with them.
If she stayed on the street her babies would soon die. And thanks to these kind men, the cat, together with her babies, are safe and happy.

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