The man helped the dog from death and did not even know about her pregnancy

A resident in North Carolina once heard about a pet who would soon be euthanized.
Nicholas always kept a dog but his dog died recently and it was painful for him.

Sheena, Nichola’s friend, was worried about his loss and told him about a dog who would soon be euthanized. Nicholas once heard the case and hurried to see the animal.

It was a heartbreaking moment when Nicholas saw Emma. But he did not know whether Emma would become his new friend.
But he wanted to save her life and decided to adopt her.

Soon, Emma went to his house.
After some time it became obvious that the dog was pregnant.

She was pregnant when she appeared at the shelter but the staff did not know about it.
This was a surprise for the man but it did not affect his decision. He agreed to take care of all the puppies.

Nicholas, together with his friend went to the store and bought everything necessary for the babies.
Emma soon gave birth to 6 babies.

Nicholas now looks after all of them and is very happy about that.

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