The man found his dog after searching for 3 years and their reunion was an emotional moment

Pets are important parts of the family. And their loss is as much pain as the loss of humans. Giorgi Berezhiani knows this well as the same thing happened to him 3 years ago. He lost his dog called Jorge.

The man did his best to find the dog. But all efforts were in vain.
And one day he got a call that someone saw a similar dog next to their house.

He hurried to the place to see if it was his dog.
The man saw the animal who was lying on the ground and called his name. The dog heard the voice and recognized his owner.

He jumped to his owner and started to bark in happiness.
The woman who saw this moment hurried to capture them. It was an emotional moment.

The dog was vaccinated and therefore he was not a dangerous one.
Giorgi posted the photo on social media and it gained about 154,000 views.
Dogs never forget about their owners.

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