The man found a puppy on the street but it turned out to be a wild animal

The man was on his way to work when he noticed a helpless puppy near the construction site. He felt sorry for the poor animal and decided to take him home. But he soon realized that it was not a puppy but a small predator.

It turned out to be a fox. But he decided to help him nevertheless it was a wild animal. But he could not leave him at home, so he took it to the special center and told him about the case.

The staff came to the site. The animal underwent some examination and it turned out to be that he was about 1 month old. They now should be assigned special care. After some time, he would be released into the wild.

According to some statistics, these animals often leave their cubs and then came back to them. So, if they did not return they lost their babies.
And the same happened this time.

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