The man found a little egg in a store and rescued it

Alvin Wills is a popular Youtuber who shared with his followers how he saved animals in need. This time, he helped a small egg that was found in a store.

When the man saw the egg he decided to take it home. Eventually, he saved the life of the animal.
The egg was very little. Now the egg is in an incubator.

After some days, the man saw a change in a heartbeat.
Alvin was so careful with it.

And when the baby parrot was born, he took the responsibility of caring for the animal.
After some time, the baby grew up and learned to fly.

Then, he remembered his dad, who stayed at the store.
He returned to the store and thankfully he was still there.


So, Alvin got it and took it home. Now they are reunited.
The man did not know, but most probably they remembered each other.

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