The man disappeared 5 years ago and now he was found in the Amazon jungle

The man named Anton Pilipa left the house and did not return.
The family did not know where he could be as he did not take any documents or money.

After 5 years, the family got information about him. The man was found in the jungle, far away from the home.
The family turned to the authorities for help. It seemed that the man had vanished into the air.

Once, the family got a letter and it turned out that Anton was in the jungle.
At first, the family did not believe it but then they got the second message with a photo of the man.

It turned out that Anton was tired of his usual lifestyle and decided to have fun.
So, he left the house and did not return.


The guy ended up in many countries and most of them passed on foot. And he was given money from strangers.
So eventually he left people for the jungle.

When the authorities heard about the story they established that they were looking for him for 5 years.
So, he was crazy to do such a thing.

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