The man dedicated his life to adopting animals who are ignored at the shelters

It turned out that superheroes exist.
This story is about Steve Grieg who can be called a real superhero.

This man created a home for the animals and kept them at his own expense.
Once, his old dog died and to ease his pain the man decided to help poor animals.

So, he met an old dog at the shelter. The poor creature looked so desperate that the man decided to help him.

After taking this dog many animals started to appear in his home.
The man could not ignore anyone.

And as a result, he gathered about 10 dogs, some cats and even ducks.
He also had a pig called Bikini.

All of them needed some care and love. What would they do without Steve?
The animals are all aged and they could not be so active and play games.

So, they enjoy taking a nap.
Many of them are sick. So, the man spent lots of time taking them to the hospital.

He fed all of them every day at 5 o’clock and they took a walk together.
They all are loved and feel happy. His act is worth praising. Let’s hope that soon many people will be inspired to do the same.

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