The man cried when it was time to turn the cats back to the shelter

Mike’s friends will never find that Mike loved cats. Mike is a boy covered in tattoos.
Everyone thought the same way but it turned out that he could love cats and even cry for them.

The hero decided to change his field of activity and work with pets.
Then he received a call and they suggested he take a few cats.

The man agreed to do so. And soon some cats appeared in his home. Four cats appeared and asked for food. They have poor eyes. Three of them were boys and the last one was a girl. Mike named the girl Leah.

The man could not believe his eyes. He was the father of them all. His dream finally came true.
The baby gradually started to gain weight. But the man was depressed as he was connected to them but one day he had to return them all to the shelter.

He even started to cry. The separation would be painful for him.
The man will never regret adopting the babies even temporarily.

Now he hopes that they will find their owners who will be very careful with them.
It’s nice that there are such people like this man.

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