The man created a fantastic world that will make you speechless

The old man named Ra Paulette created an amazing craving by hand.
The man digs big tunnels and then decorates them with many patterns.

And due to her amazing skills, he achieved incredible results. So, this eventually turned into picturesque premises.

And he received money for this job.
During one of the interviews, he told me how he did it.

But every minute he spent creating this seemed much more to him than the money he received.
He is already working on the 15th cave.

And he is sure that the last carve will be the biggest in his works.
He is already working on this for 10 years and still not going to stop.

This place is special for me, he said.

After the 1st work, he started to receive orders, which motivated him a lot.
He also received an Oscar in 2013.

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