The man brought the huge sea turned from the land to the water and saved her life

Once, Miguel Escobar noticed something while traveling on a boat. He was a huge turtle.
He thought that the turtle was dead but wanted to be sure of this.

And it was a heartbroken moment.
It seemed that it was hopeless to help the turtle as it was almost dead.

But he could not stay indifferent and felt sorry for her.
Miguel calmly approached the turtle. And when he touched her she started to move.

So, he decided to save her life by any means.
He cut the root of the tree where the animal was entangled. And so he broke the roots.

After great efforts, the turtle was now free.
After a while, she became energetic.

The turtle was happy to have another chance for living.
So, she could already swim away.

The man was sure that the turtle appeared there as she wanted to lay eggs.
But now, thanks to the man she is free and her babies are safe.

Escobar was happy to save the life of the poor creature. It was an amazing feeling to feel how you helped someone.

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