The man befriended the dog and they greet each other each day

Joe befriended the neighbor’s dog and they formed a strong relationship.
All people have neighbors. And sometimes it’s beneficial and sometimes it’s not.

If they have common interests to share they will have strong relationships. But sometimes even animals could become neighbors and close friends.

To win someone’s heart is to give them lots of love and care. This man called Joe looks after the neighbor’s dog and he loves him so much.
The owner of the dog often shared videos where the man meets the dog. They have fun together and enjoy their time.

In one shot, the friend lay on the snow and played. On the other one, the man threw the food and the dog ran to catch it.
No one knows how Joe won his heart but these 2 dogs love him so much.

The tail will prove the happiness they feel when they notice the man. Wagging the tail is a sign of happiness. This love will only grow through time.

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