The man asked her wife to pose for the photo and they did not see what was in the background

Some things could surprise you even more than you could expect.
And this happened with this couple.

Angelina Moser was pregnant when they went to do a photoshoot. They have to have a memory from her pregnancy.
So, they ended up photo shooting in the ocean.

They were on the shore when Angelina started to pose to have nice pictures.
She was very gorgeous at the moment.

So, they came back home after the photo shoot and when they started to look carefully at the photos they were amazed by what they saw.
They saw a dolphin in the picture.

It seemed that the dolphin came to take a picture with her.
They feel happy as they count it as a happy sign.

They posted this photo on social media and it got thousands of likes, comments, and shares.
After some time she gave birth and now they have a strong and cute baby called Flipper.

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