The man adopted a stray dog who turned out to be a hero

Sometimes heroes have 4 legs and tails.
Many people now know about this hero who is a pit bull called Astro. Astro is from Texas, USA.

Astro appeared in the shelter and then he was taken by his current owners. The family members did not even imagine that the dog would save their son’s life.

In April, his owner became ill. No one was at home so no one could help him.
So, the dog ran to the street and asked the neighbor for help. The dog showed the neighbor that his owner needs help. The neighbor called an ambulance and the guy was sent to the hospital.

The dog wanted to get into the ambulance car with his owner but the doctors did not allow him to do so. So, Astro left home and waited for the family members.
The mother of the guy admitted that she did not want to adopt the dog but she gradually changed her opinion.

‘We never imagined that she would do such a thing for his owner’ she said.
So, the hero got an award and his owner was saved thanks to him.

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