The man adopted a polar bear and could swim in the pool with it

White bears are the biggest land predators. They are harmful to sure. But this Canadian family has adopted a fluffy one.
The story is about Mark and the pet named Agee. Agee is a polar bear.

The family adopted the baby when it was a baby. And the baby started to enjoy her life.
Now she is popular and also appeared in many TV programs.

Mark and his wife always loved animals. Everyone fulfills her needs, but Agee’s favorite thing is to swim in the pool with Mark.
Mark will never leave Agee. Agee is now 26 years old. But such animals usually live up to 20 years.

But if they were treated well they would live up to 35 years.
The family also has other animals. Interestingly, they all are wild animals.

Mark jokes that grizzlies and bears differ from each other. Like grizzly understands humor but the bear did not know what it was.
Amazing family.

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