The loyal dog stayed near the house and hoped that the owners would come back

Dogs are famous for their loyalty and devotion. Fires left many people without homes in California. Many people lost their loved ones. The dog’s owners ran away from the burning home to save their lives.

All the people were panicked and shocked and forgot to take their pets. They only managed to save their kids. Rix and Alex left at the center of the disaster.

Luckily, these animals stayed alive and it was real magic. A woman called Michelle saved their lives. She took the dogs and did not let them die from hunger.

Michelle was happy to have both of them but Rix did not want to leave his territory.
He stayed there and guarded what was left. Michelle always brought him so that he could not die from hunger.

People from the territory who left their houses were concerned about the fates of their animals. And this woman missed her pet so deeply. And she decided to return to the place.

And she suddenly met Rix. Her happiness did not recognize any boundaries.
We are happy that they could stay alive. Thanks to Michele they survived.

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