The loyal dog lets the parents know that the babysitter mistreated their son

The family hired a babysitter for their son.
Khan was perfect during the interview and they did not hesitate to hire her.

It seemed that she loves children, said Benjamin Jordan.
But this did not last long.

After some time they noticed that the dog wanted to protect their son when Khan was with him.
The dog was very aggressive to her, said Hope.

They wondered why dig acted like this and decided to follow the babysitter.
They put a phone under the sofa to listen to everything that happened.

The couple was horrified by what they listened to.
‘We realized that we trusted our son with a monster,” they said.

Then the police arrested her and she confessed the crime.
She will be in prison for up to 3 years.

Moreover, she will be added to the list and could no longer be able to work as a babysitter.
If the dog did not let them know they will never know what she did with their child.

Fortunately, the boy is now doing well.
They are so thankful for their dog.

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