The loyal dog led the rescuers to the owner and saved his life

The man once fell 20 meters high and thought he could not return home. But thankfully, his loyal dog was with him and found the rescuers and led them to his owner.

The man only managed to call his friend and ask for help but the rescuers did not know where to find him.

While in the forest the rescuers’ team found a dog who ran towards them and asked for help.
When Saul noticed the rescuers he asked for help and convinced them to follow him.

So, by following the dog they found the man who needed help.
A helicopter arrived there to help the man. So, they took him to the hospital.

No one could believe how the rescuers’ team found the man. It was like a movie. But when you learn about the details you become amazed by them.

Now, the man is recovering and the dog is taking care of him.
How loyal are the dogs? Nothing can replace them. If you have a pet you are already blessed.

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