The lovely puppy lay on the ground and watched the rain

There are so many reasons to love dogs. Dogs are always ready to sacrifice their lives for us. They love giving hugs and cuddles and their unconditional love. What’s important is that they do this without having any benefits.

Their cuteness melted our hearts. This story is about a puppy who became popular on social media.
The animal laid down on the ground and enjoyed the rain. He felt relaxed and loved the weather.

That was an amazing moment
Often dogs search for places to hide when it’s raining but this cutie did the opposite. He crossed his legs and just watched the view.

The owners captured the moment and posted on social media. No one would expect that it would become so popular and got thousands of reactions and comments.
He felt very happy at that moment.

He is short but the moment was very exciting. The owners of the dog tell how he enjoys the rain and he became impatient when it started to rain. So, this is his favorite thing to do.

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