The lovely dog was so similar to a human and people adore him

The Australian dog called Nori became popular thanks to his special look. No one could imagine that one day such a pet would be adored by people.
People claim that the animal was so similar to a human face.

The owners of the dog were Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo. They always say that many people share their opinions and that they are already used to them. They are no longer amazed by his special look.

When passers-by notice him always stops and starts asking questions. People always compare his face to a human face.
The owner also created an Instagram account for Nori and sometimes shares his pictures.

Many internet users who saw his posts always say that it’s similar to a person.
Also, his photos sometimes got many shares and comments.

And this helped the animal to become famous on social media.
The couple is also pleased by their pet’s appearance.

Recently, they also decided to bring another dog and befriend Nori.
So, this couple did everything for him. The animal is happy with his family. They never regret adopting such a dog.

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