The love of grandparents for their grandchildren is unimaginable. And this is a very touching photo project called “Generations”

Yvette Ivens is a Lithuanian photographer in the USA. It so happened that they and their children live far from their parents and only once a year do they manage to come to Lithuania to visit them. But every time her children run into their grandparents’ house, it’s such an exciting sight! Kids completely forget about the existence of their parents and spend all their time with them.

On one of these visits, Yvette decided to take pictures of such a long-awaited meeting as a keepsake. They turned out so touching that she decided to create a whole series of such photographs and called them “Generations”.

“They don’t try to pose or look better than they are, they don’t care what they’re wearing. Sometimes for photo shoots, mothers especially do makeup and hair and put on an elegant dress. These photos are also beautiful, but they do not convey the sincerity of the moment,” said Yvette.

The photo project contains pictures from three months, and this is Yvette’s favorite picture – the grandson is sleeping in an embrace with his grandfather.
“It was such a sincere and calm moment. I am so happy to be next to my camera,” she says.

Her parents very rarely see their grandchildren, so each of their meetings is a real miracle for all of them.
Yvette is sure that grandparents will be able to give children something that parents will not give and that you will not find in any book.
“And although the boys are still small, I think they intuitively understand this.”

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