The lost woman was found safe due to her loyal dog

The old woman named Sherry got lost while walking with her pet.
The situation was serious as the woman was diagnosed with dementia.

The family was worried that something bad could happen to her.
As a result of searches, the authorities managed to find the woman after 3 days.

The activists found the woman at 3 o’clock due to her dog named Max.
The dog did not leave her owner even for a minute.

So, if the dog was not with her they could not find Sherry.
It was magic that the woman was saved after being in the first for 3 days.

The family was thankful to all volunteers who found Sherry.
They were also grateful to the dog for such a loyal attitude.

Max stayed with Sherry all the time till they were found.
Max usually never barks but at that time she understood that she had to do so.


Fortunately, both of them are unharmed and alive.
The family gave Max gifts as a reward.

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