The lost dog was finally found safe and alive

For such a great job, Max got the title of ‘honorary police officer’.
The girl was playing in the yard after having lunch. But then she started to follow their old dog.

So, she was lost. And when the parents felt her absence it was also too late. They called the police and asked for help but everything was in vain.

They continued searching till 8 in the morning until they managed to find the missing girl far away from their house.
Max convinced people to follow him.
So, by chasing the dog they found the girl.

Max stayed with her during these hours and the dog got the title of being an honorary police officer.
It was surprising how the girl managed to walk this far.

The girl was depressed when saw everyone crying. But that was tears of happiness.
Everything could happen with the girl but fortunately, she was found and everything was well with her.

Max is an old and dead dog. He always gets along with the girl.
Max protected the girl with his arms during the cold night.

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