The little puppy lay in the bushes and was crying

The little puppies were left alone on the street. When the owners saw this they took them to the gas station. So, when they noticed the babies, there were only 2 of them.

So, they began feeding them and also looking after them. And once when the people came to the same place they heard strange noises coming from there. Then they found the third puppy.

It was obvious that something was wrong with the babies.
So, the baby was sent to the hospital. It became obvious that her legs were broken.

Most probably, the baby was hit by a car and broke her legs. But no one knows how long she stayed there and how she managed to be saved. She did not eat or drink anything.

So, doctors started to treat her.
The baby needs special treatment, care, and nutrition. Also, she will have antiparasitic treatment. But she could not move for some time. Let’s hope that soon she will be recovered and feel better.

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