The little poor puppy lives alone and looks for his mom

The puppy was separated from his mom and left alone. The poor animal did not know what to do. He did not learn yet to survive without his mom. So, there was no one around to look after him.

Natalia found him outside the market. When she came to work she saw the puppy who was sitting there. From his look, it was obvious that his mother loved him so much.

So, the woman took him to the pavilion. The puppy was hungry and tired. He could not eat on his own because the woman had to feed him from a bottle.

But they did not know what to do with the puppy. He could not be sent to the orphanage. It was dangerous for him as he was too small yet.
So, Natalia could not leave him on the street. And she left him in the market to make sure he was safe.

Now, the puppy lives at the market. Natalia stays with him during the day but then he is left alone at night. He often cries because of fear but there is no one to take care of him.

He is young but has already undergone some difficulties in his life.
How can people act like this? Animals also have souls and how they could be so cruel to them. So, let’s hope that someone will soon notice and adopt him.

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