The little girl was bullied at school because of her weight

This girl was known as fat. When she was 9 years old she weighed 84 kilograms.
It was even hard for her to walk. She sometimes stopped, rested, and then continued to walk.

She was bullied at school every day.
She always returned home in tears.

The reason for this was her diet consisted of junk food and sweets. They went to fast food more than once a week.
And when the parents found that their daughter was in trouble they took her to the doctor.

The problem is simple – obesity. Doctors told her that she should quit her diet.
Besides this, she should go to sports and walk a lot.

It was hard to get started but then everything went well.
She quit junk food, started to go swimming, etc.

She always felt hungry at first but then it became easier for her.
She confessed that at that time she blamed her parents for not letting her eat her favorite things but then she thanked them.

She started to gradually lose weight.
Students stopped bullying her as they noticed how she turned prettier each day.

Now she has changed a lot. She lost 35 kilograms in one year.
Now she is also successful in sports.

She overcame her obesity.
And she is now open to sharing the secrets that motivated her to overcome her problems.

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