The little cat had a sick sister and has to take care of her but then they met a real mom

A woman called Megan Sorbar once met 3 little cats. They were crying from pain.
The woman wanted to find their mother but no one was nearby. The babies were alone and Megan did not know what happened to them.

So, she decided to take them otherwise they would stay there and soon die. No one would help them.
When the woman approached the babies she noticed something strange. Two of them tried to warm the third one.

Later, it turned out that the little one was a girl and was sick. She could not even get up. So, her brothers wanted to help their sister the way they could.

So, the woman took them home and fed them. She named them Coconut, Pistachio, and Praline. Biste took the responsibility of being a mother and they befriended her.
The dog surrounded them with attention and care and became their mom.

She spent most of her time with them as they needed special care.

Soon, the girl also started to recover and soon she will feel well.
Thanks to this kind man the cats survived and also found their caring family.

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