The little boy surprisingly helped his grandfather

The boy named Aiden Smith is only six-years-old but a very smart kid. He knows well how to use the blood sugar test. And when his grandfather was having attacks, he took the test and checked his sugar level.

So, he also fed him and his sugar level rose to 3.6.
‘He watched how I checked my blood pressure and now he does it, ‘ said the grandfather.

So, when he does so he gives me chocolate.
All family members were surprised by his actions.

‘I am proud of him as he saved my life, ‘ said the man.
I could not do anything alone if he did not help me, he added.

Everyone in the house always watched how the man used the test but no one else tried it before. Everyone was surprised.
He saved his grandfather’s life.

He is a smart and brave boy. It’s essential to know some basic emergency things so you can save a life if needed.
Nice job.

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