The little boy started to cry when he heard the words from his stepmom

Marine Josh Newville and his girlfriend decided to get married.
The woman prepared a special speech for Newville’s son. And it amazed everyone.

After the traditional ceremonies, the woman asked to speak.
So, she took the microphone and talked about Gage who was just 4 years old as she now becomes his mother.

And everyone was shocked by her attitude.
‘I think you know how special you are and I want you to become a good person.

You are smart and kind and you helped me a lot to become who I am now. I did not give you birth but you are a gift for me’ she said.
The boy grew up without a mother and it was a dream for him to have such a caring mom.

This is a very touching moment. The boy started to cry in happiness.
Everyone is sure that the family will have a bright future.

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