The little boy spent his pocket money to feed wandering animals and eventually opened animal shelter with many donations

Not everyone could look after stray animals. Many people do not even take care of their pets properly.

This little hero did not even save his pocket money and fed stray animals. Other children bought sweets but he prefered feeding the poor creatures.

But the boy did not tell his parents about this. Once, his father noticed something strange and decided to follow him to find out what was wrong.

The boy brought food to animals every day.
It was an emotional moment when the father saw how the boy fed the dogs.

So, he captured the moment and posted it on Reddit.
No one could imagine but it got many reactions.

Ken became popular for his act and got lots of support.
Many people made donations and his dream came true.

He finally opened an animal shelter. How many animals would be safe.
His act is worth praising.

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